Advanced Healing with Nanopolymer Technology
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we are dedicated to bringing cutting edge skin and wound care products to medical professionals so their patients can heal fast without fear of infections, allergic reactions, or the cosmetic outcomes


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KeriCure Medical is a biotechnology company based in Tampa, FL that has provided advanced nanopolymer products to the medical market worldwide since 2014. We at KeriCure believe that the body is the ultimate healing machine, and the only thing that we need to do to make sure that the body is able to heal effectively is to keep bacteria out and keep the skin moisturized. That’s it! We pride ourselves on having NO harsh chemicals, additives, antibiotics, or other harmful chemicals in our products that can impede healing and cause reactions and irritations for patients. KeriCure is proud to have served over 150,000 customers worldwide, with ZERO allergic or adverse reports. Even patients with extremely sensitive skin turn to KeriCure and our products when they have allergic reactions to traditional bandages, wound dressings, and petroleum products. KeriCure products are the ideal, all-in-one solution

*Physicians who use KeriCure in their practice have reported their patient compliance and overall satisfaction improving from an average of 60% with traditional post procedure regiments, to upwards of 99% when Advanced Seal is provided for at home after care.

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world renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon dr. adam scheiner soothes, seals and protects his patients with kericure’s advanced seal!

Watch a Live Periscope Talk from Dr. Adam Scheiner on his cutting edge hybrid laser ablation technique for dramatically improving the appearance of facial moles, featuring KeriCure’s Advanced Seal Liquid Bandage for post-laser aftercare. Advanced Seal is the ultimate post-laser treatment for sealing in moisture, soothing redness and irritations post-procedure, and keeping the skin hydrated for the ultimate, fast healing. For the best cosmetic outcomes, use Advanced Seal post-procedure and at home care for quick, easy healing.



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Loretta Nguyen Zanetti, APRN, Practice Owner, Erasable Inc. Medical Spa and Aesthetic Institute

“My practice has been using KeriCure’s Advanced Seal as an aftercare product for post treatment wound care for over 2 years. Our patients find it easier to use due to its faster drying time than conventional post-treatment products like Aquaphor. I find it much easier to use as a medical provider because it is so easy to apply in a spray form than other products which require a tongue blade, tape, and gauze for dressing. Because my patients are more compliant with its use, we have found that healing is superior to conventional aftercare creams, and I no longer have to fumble with dressings that don’t stay in place or sticky Aquaphor for my patient’s post-laser skin care.

I use Advanced Seal for ALL laser tattoo removal procedures, as well as ablative to semi-ablative procedures, and most recently on vaginal rejuvenation and microneedling treatments for simple, easy coverage of the treatment area and faster healing.”


dr. dawn linn, d.O., Impressions Skin Solutions

“We love the product at Impressions Skin Solutions. We use it for tattoo removal after care and haven't had any issues. Our patients all tend to love it as well.  I sell the product to patients to use at home, as well as apply the product post-procedure. So much easier than Aquaphor and a bandage… and better for them! “

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Dr. Adam scheiner, m.d., laser eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon

“I use KeriCure’s advanced healing solution in my practice for mole removals frequently. You can use this for wounds also to seal the wound. It stays for a couple of days to seal the wound and keep it clean. I spray it over the treated area and it forms this nice bond over the skin and I don’t have to use any bandaids or sutures and it’s very easy for [the patient] to take care of. “

Dr. Adam Scheiner is a world-renowned laser eyelid and facial cosmetic surgeon, and is the founder of RESET® Treatment for Festoons, and RESET for Sun Damage. He is the author of The True Definition of Beauty and has been featured on the Dr. OZ ShowThe Doctors, the Howard Stern Show, as well as in the New York Post.